Customer Reviews of Brake Masters in Camarillo, CA

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Customer Reviews of Brake Masters in Camarillo, CA

Customer Reviews of Brake Masters in Camarillo, CAIf you are searching for an auto repair shop it generally means one of two things. Either, A, you are getting some scheduled maintenance done on your car that is necessary to keep it running well, or B, your car is already in trouble and needs proper service to restore driveability. In either case it is important that you work with a auto shop that staffs experienced technicians who have access to the latest diagnostic and repair tools. A great way to identify a shop that will treat both you and your car right is by searching online reviews. At Brake Masters we are happy to share reviews regarding our auto repair shop in Camarillo because we take a customer first approach to all types of auto service. From minor maintenance to complex repairs, we make sure our customers are informed, educated and happy with their service from start to finish. Just read what a few of them have to say about their recent experiences with us!

Scotty and Steven are truly a remarkable team. These guys work their tail ends off and the level of service they provided far exceeded my expectations. Will I return again? You betcha. - Maxwell B.

GREAT SERVICE! Quick, professional, genuine owner and employees! Brought my car here last week to get the front axles changed. The owner gave us a price no one could compete with! Went in and was helped by Scott, great guy! He was genuine and honest when helping us. I brought my car back in today due to hearing a rubbing noise. The owner was happy to fix the problem at no cost and inspected the rest of the issues. Coming back here to spiffy up the rest of the things on my car! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND! - Leana M.

Great place. In and out quick. Extremely nice and generous employees. - Manuel L.

Great service, they were helpful with everything that I needed done. It was done with great timing. - O.P.I.

Steve runs a good shop. He is very knowledgeable and friendly and has trained his staff to have the same competency and attitude towards customers. Brake Masters Camarillo is my go to place for brakes, oil changes and other services. - Brian O.

My father told me a long time ago to come here if I had any car trouble. Any car, any mechanical issue, they will take care of you. Without taking advantage of someone who might not know much about cars. Steve is always there, even for the most minor of issues. Thanks guys! - Melissa M.

Best place for car service and they won't sell extra services like other mechanics. - Arjun D.

Wow! Great service. I was only in town for today and they squeezed me in (on a busy Saturday) and did a great job on my brakes. Steve and his crew are fantastic, highly recommend! - Rob K.

Excellent service, people were prompt and efficient, thank you for being in our community! - Rowie N.

We don't take customer service lightly, because as a locally owned shop we understand how important it is to create and maintain lasting relationships with our neighbors. So we hope the next time you need auto repair in Camarillo you take the word of those in your community and come see us. To schedule an appointment for auto repair or to learn more about our services please give us a call for auto repair in Camarillo (805) 914-0312 today.

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