When Should I get Brake Repair?

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When Should I get Brake Repair?

Your vehicle's braking system is its best safety feature. Yes, airbags and seatbelts are great in the event of an accident, but the brakes are what can prevent an accident. If you ever suspect that your vehicle is having trouble braking you should not hesitate to get to the auto repair shop. The following 5 issues are some of the most common problems that occur when the brakes begin to go bad.

When the brakes begin to whine

As the brake pads wear down or get close to being non-existent they will begin to create a grinding or whining noise when the brake pedal is hit. This should be a clear indication that you need to get brake repair. What is happening is that metal is now grinding on metal, which greatly reduces your braking power.

If the ABS light comes on

The anti-lock braking system has multiple sensors and if one of them detects some sort of a problem it will cause the ABS dashboard indicator light to illuminate. Head to an auto repair shop that is equipped with computerized diagnostic equipment to find out just what is going on.

If the brake pedal feels soft

When you hit the brakes the pedal should give you a bit of resistance. If it goes straight to the floor or if it feels relatively spongy you'll want to get to a brake repair shop as soon as possible. This could mean that your vehicle is experiencing a brake fluid leak, however it may also simply mean that the brake pads are greatly worn. Either way there is some sort of problem occurring and it needs to be fixed.

If your vehicle vibrates as you brake

Strange vibrations that occur when you hit the brakes often mean that the rotors are warped. This can adversely affect your ability to stop your vehicle, meaning they need to be machined or replaced.

If your vehicle pulls to the side when you

A dangerous symptom of brake trouble is a vehicle that jerks to the side when the brakes are hit. This can indicate a malfunctioning wheel cylinder or there may be impurities in the brake fluid.

Never hesitate to have brake trouble resolved as soon as you begin to suspect it. It is your duty to keep your car safe! To schedule brake repair in Camarillo head to Brake Masters. Our professional team of technicians will restore the capabilities of your car and have you on your way in no time. We offer all sorts of auto repair in and Camarillo at our conveniently located facilities. Give us a call today for auto repair in Camarillo (805) 914-0312 to schedule an appointment.

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